Water is one of the most essential elements required for human existence

Existence of all life on the planet is dependent on the 71% of the earth’s surface that is covered in water, most of that being in the vast oceans. Water makes up over half of the average human’s body weight. Without it there would simply be no life on Earth, yet it is essentially so simple. It is those two parts hydrogen and one part water that have allowed for millions of years of life and evolution.

Water can exist in three states. As a solid it is called ice, and as a gas it is water vapour. In it’s gaseous state, it can be found on many planets in the solar system. Ice has also been found on a few, including Mars.But water has only been found in its liquid state on Earth and in small quantities on the moon.

Because of the distance from the sun, water is able to exist in all three of its natural states on Earth, and that is why life has been able to exist. Not only is it the fuel that has allowed our planet to flourish, over many years humans have been able to manipulate it and harness it’s power. We have been able to collect it and purify it, then distribute it as drinking water. We have used it for farming and as a means to combat fires. We have even exploited it for leisure and recreational purposes.

This is a testament to the will and progress of mankind, but also an insight into just how useful one of the most abundant natural resources our planet has to offer can be.

Water has also been the main focus of many controversies over the years. Polluted water is one of the main causes of death throughout the world. It has been put upon the leaders of the world to help these countries by raising many for clean sources of water. The fears of global warming come down to the melting of polar ice caps. Even in the developed countries many of us live in, we have countless issues with water. From the hosepipe bans of 2006 to the ongoing battles of OFWAT to regulate the prices we pay for our water services, there is a constant need for a knowledge and understanding of the water industry and how it can affect us.